Joe Walter

By | February 28, 2018
Joe is a great example of someone who’s found his stride early in his career. As I describe in the introduction, he has a lot going on – community medicine, teaching, subspecialty medicine, internet publishing – and curling.  He’s a lot of fun to be around and it was great to have him as my first interview for this podcast.

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Show Outline

  • Introduction, Background
  • Joe’s shift prep and documentation methods
  • Strategies for dealing with getting slammed
  • Teaching and supervision when it is busy
  • Teaching residents faster gears when slammed
  • Strategy for keeping up on documentation and in-shift time management
  • Stress management during a shift
  • More on teaching residents on how to succeed with documentation
  • Evernote use as peripheral brain
  • General tools on the web Joe uses
  • Taking time outside of a shift to sit down and build customized documentation tools
  • End of shift mop up to get home on time
  • Random questions

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