Jessie Nelson

By | June 1, 2018

Jessie Nelson brings a strong yet humble voice to emergency medicine. My interview with her uncovers great tips for supervision of residents and PAs, avoiding interruptions and finding the right pace of work to shoot for in the academic trenches. I wish I could ramble on here about all the various ways she’s made our department better – disaster, conference education, sim model development, bedside teaching. But it’s better to just listen and hear her talk about.

Show Links


  • Trello (actually not sure we mentioned it but it was discussed in the first episode attempt that was lost.)

Show Outline

  • introduction
  • thoughts about saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to new projects or ideas
  • managing ideas for projects or improvement – tracking and prioritizing
  • Jessie’s strategies for success as an introvert
  • managing interruptions: ‘give me a minute’, patients as human shields, orders in room
  • orientation statements in the room to help the patient understand what you are doing
  • setting alarms on your phone or watch as key ‘app’ in the ED.
  • supervision techniques for residents and students
  • supervision techniques for PAs
  • doing follow ups via mobile Epic – Haiku
  • managing time off – ‘hard rest days’
  • injecting your own voice into the work you do
  • thinking about the total quantity of work versus self time
  • wisdom learned from experienced women colleagues
  • parlay – take one project and get as much credit
  • the challenges of the systemization of medicine
  • long term perspective about a career in medicine

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