Keith Henry

By | July 1, 2018

Keith Henry is a confident and experienced academic emergency medicine physician. However, different than many academic docs, he started his post-residency career in community EM and returned to academics. He leads the Univ of Minnesota medical student emergency medicine rotation.  We had a great tour of his thoughts on the role and techniques of being a emergency medicine doc in this interview. Enjoy!

Show Outline

  • Introduction
  • Keith’s Pre-game – early is on time and on time is late
  • During -shift workflow priorities – you can run the shift or let the shift run you
  • Defining your role as an emergency physician
  • Detailed discussion about pre-test probability use in emergency medicine
  • The importance of getting back on track during a shift
  • Documentation strategy – method, complexity
  • How did Keith develop his skill set?
  • Closing  – the people keep us coming back.

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