Jessie Nelson

Jessie Nelson brings a strong yet humble voice to emergency medicine. My interview with her uncovers great tips for supervision of residents and PAs, avoiding interruptions and finding the right pace of work to shoot for in the academic trenches. I wish I could ramble on here about all the various ways she’s made our… Read More »

Rob LeFevere

Many of us at Regions know that Rob is persistently living the dream. You’ll struggle to find someone more positive or excited than Rob and it shows. Rob uses this seemingly endless depth of positive energy to manage patient complaints, peer review cases and behavioral health emergency policy and procedure development. Balance this with his… Read More »

Brad Hernandez

Brad has a number of roles. In addition to his clinical care and some research projects over the years, he’s very active in medical education.  He serves as an assistant residency director for the physician residency. He’s also the medical director for our physician assistant residency program. He’s our Medical Student program director and is… Read More »

Joe Walter

Joe is a great example of someone who’s found his stride early in his career. As I describe in the introduction, he has a lot going on – community medicine, teaching, subspecialty medicine, internet publishing – and curling.  He’s a lot of fun to be around and it was great to have him as my… Read More »

Introduction to the Podcast

This intro episode really doesn’t need much in the way of show notes. This brief episode simply introduces this podcast to the world. I encourage you just to listen to one or two and give it a try. I’m try to find the tips, tricks and strategies used by successful emergency physicians to build a… Read More »